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Featured Apps

Your app will be featured on our website. You can see your apps on home page and featured apps list. We show last added apps on top in featured apps but we show all apps randomly on home page, so that all apps gets equal value. Some times your app will come on top list but sometimes on middle or bottom. App Ad also shown in iOS apps through our Ad network. Hundreds of app users can see you app in few days.
Cost:- $5

Apps Ad

We have many free iOS apps on store which are getting good downloads per day. We show Ads of all apps on our website in our free iOS apps randomly through our Ad network. Means hundreds of users can see your apps per day through our Ad network. If you want your app Ad on priority then you can contact us for that. There are very minimal amount for that but your app visibility will increase very quickly.
Cost:- $5, Your app will be on high priority for minimum 1 week.

iTunes review

iTunes review or feedback is very important for app ranking on store. It helps other app users to understand more about your app as well as your app rank also increases in resulting good downloads. If you register app on our website then we can provide few iTunes feedback of your app for minimal amount. This service is only for US store because US is main market of app.
Cost:- $2-$3 per review for free app and only for US store but please contact before placing order or if you have any issue. Costs for review depends on App type and size.

App Review

We will download your app on our device and will see all features of app. We will post detailed review of your app on our website. It will also help other users to know more about your app. This needs very dedicated time to review app. That is the reason we have some fee for that.
Cost:- $5

App Keywords

App keywords are very important in searching apps on iTunes/App store. If you have good keywords then your app may come in search quickly and resulting good visibility an downloads. This service works only before uploading app on store because we can not edit keywords, once app is reviewed by apple team. This needs lots of time in finding proper keywords for any app, which are related your app, have good ranks and less competition.
Cost:- $30

Social Networking

We can share your app info on social networking sites, special on Facebook, Twitter. Social networking sites are fastest way to share any info.
Cost:- $5


Social Networking Sharing:- We can share your app info on social networking sites, special on Facebook, Twitter. Social networking sites are fastest way to share any info.
Cost:- $5 for 250 users

Paid Apps

Promo Codes or Gift Codes

Now Apple provides 100 promo codes per app, It means more promotion and chances to share your app with marketing agencies and users. Hope you have shared your all promo codes for promotion, If you still have few left then we have service for you. Instead of wasting your valuable codes, You can share promo codes with us. We will share all codes to real app users through our marketing App, You will get more exposure and real users also. All users will be genuine and will provide you some feedback also.
Cost:- Free (Only App registration required)

Discounted Apps:-

Most of the app owners reduces their app price sometime but real users still don't get aware with it. If you have paid app and planning to reduce its price for some duration then you can register your app with us. Your offer will be shown in front of real users and hope you can get more downloads.
Cost:- Free (Only App registration required)

Gift Code:-

If you don't have or want to share promo codes and also don't want to reduce price of app then no issue but still we have another service for you, You can gift your app to some unknown users through gift code. This is festive season and you can be a App santa.


We do our best efforts to get good exposure to your app to maximum users but please don't expect any magic in rank or download numbers. We can only expose your app in front of real App users but cannot guarantee after that.

Please contact us through our contact us page or you can send email to info@santaapps.com for my information.