Know More About Promo Codes

We can download any paid app free through Promo code. Apple provide 100 promo codes per version of 1 app for marketing. App owners can share these codes with various news,marketing agencies or knowns to get feedback about their app before or after app release. Promo code is valid only for 4 weeks, means if not used then code will expire and can not be used. User can get all versions updates absolutely free if downloaded from Promo Code but users can not post review because app users can use promo codes for taking reviews instead of sharing for publicity.

App owners can request for specific number (Maximum 100) of promo codes from their iTunes Account( iTunes Connect ). 1 app can be downloaded with 1 promo code. Promo code expire within 4 weeks, so try to use them before they get expire.

These codes are very precious, so app owners should use them carefully. It is better to share with agencies or users who request you, instead of sharing on sites or with agencies who don't care about these codes.