Get Paid Apps Free

App users can get paid apps free through our Gifted Apps section. We have very limited promo codes and these are gifts from app owners, so we don't want to waste them. We allow only to the user, who seriously wants these apps.

Please follow below steps to get paid app free:-

1. Create your account on our website.
2. Sign In / Login with your account.
3. Go to Gifted Apps section.
4. Select any app from the list of apps (Click on View details).
5. Click on Request Promo code.
6. You will get one promo code. Redeem it on your iOS device or through iTunes on your system.
7. If you don't know how to redeem then follow below link properly.
How To Redeem Promo codes

Please let us know if any issue or query on our email id:- or you can also report through Contact Us page