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iMoodJournal is a beautiful app that simplifies tracking and charting moods, discovering causes of mood changes, and sharing information with friends or a doctor.

Keeping a mood diary is frequently suggested by coaches, psychologists or therapists to help us discover facts about ourselves that otherwise slip our attention. iMoodJournal for iPhone, Android and Apple Watch is an ultimate mood journal, personal diary and charting tool. 
With iMoodJournal you can:
  • Track your overall wellbeing with a colorful scale, record thoughts and experiences. iMoodJournal will remind you when it's time to check in with yourself.
  • Browse the history of your records using the engaging animated mood chart.
  • Establish associations of your mood and experiences by adding #hashtags to records
  • Mark emotions with hashtags, like #angry, #cheerful or #surprised to show how your feelings affect your wellbeing in long term.
  • Track medication and sleep using tags like #aspirin and #sleep:8h
  • Spot triggers of mood changes on Top Hashtags charts, and filter mood records by #hashtags.
  • Take self-portrait photos and realize how your mood affects your appearance.
  • Recognize time-based patterns in your mood on gorgeous summary charts.
  • Share your mood with friends on Twitter or send it to your doctor by e-mail
  • Backup your records to Dropbox
  • Track moods directly on your Apple Watch

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