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 iMindQ is a premier mind mapping solution that inspires creativity, stimulates thinking and brainstorming, provokes innovation, enables visualizing of ideas, manage information overload and present information in a powerful visual format.

With a smooth and flexible user interface, iMindQ offers a virtual white board space where you can utilize an organic and intuitive mind mapping experience to organize and present your thoughts and ideas.

Feature highlights: 

► AirDrop 
Share you maps as: 
* PDF 
* Image 

►Finger slide topic: 
- Add new topic/subtopic by moving the finger in the appropriate direction 
- Create relationship between topics/subtopics by moving the finger in the appropriate direction. 

► Multiple selection of topics/subtopics 

In multi-selection mode you can format the: 
- Topic/subtopic shape; 
- Topic/subtopic color; 
- Topic/subtopic font. 

► Insert Boundary - the supported boundary patterns are: 
- Curved lines 
- Scallops 
- Waves 
- Zig Zag 
- Rounded rectangle
- Summary and 
- Sumary arc. 

► Keyboard accessory view for intuitive and seamless brainstorming

► Group familiar maps - Add “Tag” to a map => “Filter” by Tag 

► Insert images from photo library and camera 

► Clone Map 
Use the existing map/s as a template. 

► Print map 

► Seamlessly integrate with SharePoint to maximize enterprise productivity 

► Integration with Dropbox 

► Integration with Box 

► Synchronize iPad and Web experience 

► Share maps 
Share your maps by sending them as e-mail attachments in the following formats: 

- .dmmx file 
- Image 
- PDF file (vector graphic stored in .pdf file format) and 
- outline. 

Other functionalities: 

• Predefined 30 different Map Styles
• Rename your map 
• Save map as image 
• Add topics and subtopics 
• Copy/Paste selection 
• Auto-save for maps 
• Re-parent topics 
• Undo/Redo 
• Add relationship between topics 
• Enjoy different relationship formatting options: choose the color of the line, start and end point marks, line type and line thickness 
• Format topic`s shape 
• Change font on topic 
• Add icons, note and hyperlink to topic 
• Share map on Facebook 
• Share map on Twitter (iOS5+) 
• German and Spanish language support 
• Bluetooth keyboard - add subtropics on right arrow. 

This Brainstorming app lets you encourage your originality and accumulate innovative ideas, easily sharing them with others in a visually stimulating and understandable format.


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