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 When an iPhone app can answer your essential needs, to capture, edit and file information in all its formats, you’ll no longer be able to live without it. 


The world around us goes fast, the ideas get lost, the information is confusing and the communication is missing the point.


What about an application, always in your pocket, that gives you the possibility to grab images, videos, audios and texts, to edit and create movies, audios and text files that you can file on your iPhone. You work off line (for a maximal security) and publish your projects (when connected) in an original format.


The type of private or professional projects are limited only by the user’s imagination. Presentations, interviews, tutorials, music videos, artistic and documentary movies, recipes, reports, studies, lessons, travel and leisure are just a few examples of projects that you can build on the fly any time and anywhere in total simplicity and freedom.


This Swiss Knife type iPhone application is called iGrab and I invite you to test it yourself and discover a professional approach and interface, a smooth and intuitive navigation and more features that will surprise you :




Presenting iGrab to your readers, will enable them to discover a new approach to capture and organise information and ideas, with a personal touch to accomplish their successful projects.


The application will be free for the following 3 days and you may invite your readers to benefit from this special offer.


I thank you in advance and I’m very interested to get some feedback from you and your readers at comments@igrab.ch


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Octavian Dibrov




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