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Zoomba Kids Puzzle


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 Zoomba Kids Puzzle is a new unusual puzzle where your kid will guess and assemble the image of various animals from tangled lines. The game has 56 puzzles of different difficulty. The Zoomba Kids Puzzle gameplay will help to develop your kid's abstract thinking. Kids will learn a variety of different animals living on our planet. The Zoomba Kids Puzzle differs from standard puzzles in which it is necessary to collect the picture from slices or to paint images, we made an absolutely new puzzle!

*** how to play *** The game will start from a tutorial level which will help you to begin an adventure in a wonderful world of Zoomba. You will need to choose the correct parts of a puzzle to reveal a full image of an animal. If the piece is chosen correcly, the progress column (on top) will increase. Game will start from simple levels containing 3-5 segments, and further in the game the level difficulty will increase.

Zoomba consists of 7 sections of animals:

* Initital

* Mammals

* Predators

* Birds

* Reptiles

* Fishes

* Insects

Stars are awarded upon level completion. Use gathered stars to open correct puzzle (top right). The recommended age for Zoomba is 4+ years, however we also recommend this game for adults too. This quiet game with magnificent graphics will fascinate you and your kid.


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