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Word Bits


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 *Note: Institutes can buy this app at discounted price. Word Bits brings to life the combination of traditional board games with the early arcade games into this innovative play style which challanges and boosts your vocabulary while letting you enjoy the best of your time. With Wordbits not only do you build words and earn points for it, you also learn and keep enriching your vocabulary. With the feature to see the words that you have made, their meaning and to see and search through all the words, Word Bits! is recommended for all ages. Player will have to create words with falling letters. Player can create words in 4 directions - 1. Top to Bottom 2. Bottom to Top. 3. Left to Right 4. Right to Left. Player can change letters position by dragging it with finger or can also play with censer motions (move device left/right) This game contains its own english word dictionary with maximum words. Main Features:- * Play in three different modes, Classic, Timed and daily Challenge. * Play Daily challenge and compete with friends trough GameCenter. * Game has its own Dictionary, No online communication except for knowing word meanings. * Enrich vocabulary. * No Ad, No In-App purchase. If you like our application then please give rating to our application and also write reviews.


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Yogesh Chhabra