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WoofLinks is all about the Dog. Your dog is a social creature, and while she can't operate an iPhone, that's why she has you, her trusty servant. 

Your Dog loves you, and one of the main contributors to her happiness is spending time with you and other dogs. WoofLinks tracks the quality time you spend with your dog, as well as distance, because it is the time spent together that is important for both of you. 

WoofLinks also allows to connect with other dogs... or more specifically, their servants (like you!). If your dog gets on well with another dog, then you can WoofLink each other. When you are WoofLinked, you can see when your friends are in the park or walking, and you can message your WoofLinks for doggie activities and meet ups. Your dogs need to socialize, and they can't do it online. They need to get out there, and quality play on top of a walk makes for a brilliant doggy day. 

The WoofLinks app is simple by design. Simply click the 'Walk Now' button when you are starting your walk. Use the WoofDar to view the other dogs online in your area. WoofDar also helps you identify the size of dogs in the park, be they large, medium or small. Dogs like to play, and play is better when the size match up is more equal. Open the WoofLinks Tab and see which of your friends is online. If they are online, simply click them to view where they are at the moment. 

You can also view the walks that you and your dog have taken in the past. You can run too of course, but remember, the time spent together is what counts. 

WoofLinks is about helping you and your dog have a fulfilling life together, with minimal technological intrusion. WoofLinks is ad free, and we hope you join our community so that we can expand the application in future releases. Your feedback is important to us and we wish you and your dog(s) all the best in doggy happiness. Thank you

* Please note that Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. You can also block the Location Setting at any time you like in the Application Settings screen


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