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W2S Keyboard is the coolest and most complete keyboard for your iPhone and iPad. You can easily share and create any kind of content DIRECTLY FROM YOUR KEYBOARD. 

Never be boring while chatting with your friends! With W2S you can enrich your conversations replying with: SMILEYS, BALLOONS, SOUNDS, MEMEs, GIFs, PHOTOS, SCREENSHOTS COLLAGES and DOODLES!

How annoying is it when you have to switch between various app in order to find, create and send something? With W2S this won't be a problem anymore, infact it is always available while using EVERY SOCIAL NETWORK or MESSAGING APP (such as FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, MESSENGER, HANGOUTS, TWITTER and so on...).
Here there are a few examples of what you can do with this fabulous keyboard:
- choose and share dozens of SMILEYS and BALLOONS;
- select and share unlimited GIFs;
- edit and share your PHOTOS with lots of STICKERS, EFFECTS...and even SOUNDS;
- select, create and share unlimited MEMEs;
- create, highlight and share SCREENSHOTS COLLAGES (yes, your friends don't stand all the infinite screenshots you send to make them aware of your private conversations!);
- draw and share your DOODLES;
...Besides, for the first time ever, you can:
- create and share personalized BALLOONS;
- select and share SOUNDS.

And of course, you can write  Moreover, you can do it choosing among dozens of different and gorgeous keyboard themes!!

Last but not least, you can enhance all of these functionalities with many in-app purchases.

So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD IT NOW and start being part of this limitless community! 


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