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Application Description/Details:

Wellness Trends is designed to track depression symptoms, daily activities, medications, and can help you communicate with your doctor. 


  • Track your overall wellbeing & create a customized symptoms list.
  • View & share reports of the things you track with your doctor.
  • Set reminders to help you remember to take your medication and for other actions throughout the day
  • Take a clinical PHQ-9 questionnaire to assess depression symptoms and share this report with your doctor.

Depression affects everyone differently. Wellness Trends was designed to track your unique experience in a simple, easy-to-use app.

The reason why your app is special and stands out from its competitors:

While many depression apps only offer a single feature, Wellness Trends allows app users to track their mood and create a customized symptoms list; track medications and set medication reminders; set action goals; review depression resources and educational material; and send their reports directly to their healthcare professional.

The combination of features allows users to better communicate with their doctor and track their unique experience. 


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