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Have you ever tried to save up for a vacation? Have you ever tried to put aside money each month to reach your goal? VaPay, short for Vacation pay, will do the saving for you!  Using your active checking account, VaPay will automatically round-up your every day transactions to the nearest dollar and transfer the spare change into a secure VaPay savings account. This is the same principle we teach our children when we tell them to put their spare change into a piggy bank.  VaPay allows you to successfully save up for any future vacation or special event one penny at a time.  You can make the most out of your spare change.

It's time for Change, It's time for a Vacation!

As Easy As 1-2-3:

1. Create a VaPay Username and Password.
2. Register your current active checking account.
3. Continue to use your debit card as usual and let VaPay do the saving for you!



1. Create a secure VaPay savings account.
2. Automatically round-up the spare change of every transaction.
3. Set automatic recurring monthly payments.
4. Manually transfer funds to your VaPay savings account.
5. Pause/Resume savings campaigns at anytime.


Currently available with five (5) US Banks:

1. Chase
2. Wells Fargo
3. Bank of America
5. US Bank


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