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Travel Guide India offers you complete and up to date city Guide for various Visiting places in India. This application is totally based upon providing you the true information from various sources.

" It will guide you through the UNSEEN places of various state of India."

This application will explore some more place that you will not get in any kind of Traveling app. This application will also help you to get information about the visiting places, Religious visiting places and many more. We have provided the location of the visiting places , Nearby hotels in that area, Shopping places for that area. Some part of the application use Internet and some don't. So it would be a good guide if you are planning to visit INDIA, PUT THIS APP IN YOUR iPHONE IT WILL HELP YOU TO EXPLORE INDIA IN A NEW WAY.

Feature of the Travel Guide India by FourOrange:

*Complete list of visiting places state wise
*Near by Hotel & Shopping places information
*Airport's information (Domestic & International)
*Metro route For Delhi Metro And Kolkata Metro
*Calculate metro Route between two station for Delhi metro and Kolkata metro

"This is just to make you a right decision if you are planning your holiday to india Just keep this app in your iPhone and don't worry about information and nearby places for staying and shopping it will help you in each aspect" , And over all this information doesn't come with a cost ;) So why don't you give it a Hit !!!


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