Toy Store Delivery Truck 2

Toy Store Delivery Truck 2


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Toy Store Delivery Truck 2 has been developed for people who love the entire educational experience apps. 
7 unique and very challenging levels for children to master including:
1. Imagination: Color toys in exact schemes to move on to the next level.
2. Counting: Drag toys into their boxes to see numbers on a very exciting level 2.
3. Memory: Find the lost toys in the factory through an entertaining puzzle game.
4. Role Play: Be the driver of the delivery truck on the road, dodging traffic getting gas along the way. Final stop? The toy store of course!
5. Number Recognition: Arrive at the toy store to trace all the numbers and drag the boxes to the right place where it fits before unloading the truck.
6. Matching/Drive The Forklift: Unload the toy truck with your forklift to match each cardboard box filled with toys to its corresponding color and number. This level teaches many things including patience!
7. Shape Recognition: Package the toys up so they are available for sale by matching the shape of each toy with its corresponding silhouette. 
As part of our testing process before submitting this game to Apple we have shown Toy Store Delivery Truck 2 to many top teachers and educators as well as parents around the world. They have tested the game along with their children and students and highly approve .
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