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Tips & Tricks for Excel


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 Probably every PC (and Mac) user in the world knows Microsoft® Excel® as a powerful office calculations tool. Yet not even 1% of Excel® users can honestly say they know all of its functional – don’t believe them if they do.

In our app we have covered the very basics of the Excel® usage – yes, we compiled our Secrets app for the newbies. You’ll start from the very beginning – like understanding data types, and sorting and filtering your data.
For your accommodation our app is structured in step-by-step manner. Each step is featuring colored high-definition illustration, so no uncertainty is left after reading our guide.
Here’s a quick overview of what knowledge our guide provides:
•How to Create multiple custom Worksheet views in Excel®
•How to work with data using shortcuts in Excel®
•How to Understand formulas and functions in Excel®
•How to add Background Color automatically in Excel®
•How to use custom conditional formatting in Excel® 
•How to split screen and Freeze Cells in Excel®
•How to insert headers and footers in Excel® 
•How to Use tables to sort and filter data in Excel®
•How to know Basic and multi-field sorting in Excel®
•How to Target large data groups in Excel®
•How to Name and use cell ranges in Excel® 
•How to Convert Excel® vertical cells to horizontal
•How to Record and using a simple macro in Excel®
•How to Create a Drop Down Menu in Excel®
•How to Insert Check Mark Symbol in Excel®
Start using Tips & Tricks – Excel Secrets today and become the master of Microsoft® Excel® tomorrow!

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