TimeShare: simply share activities with friends

TimeShare: simply share activities with friends


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 Would you like to make friends from across the world? Do you like socializing and meeting new people at every instance? TimeShare is a platform where you can meet people based on your location, your interests and hobbies and your activities! All you need to do is share what you’re doing at the moment and then you can connect with people involved with the same activity from anywhere across the world!

It has never been easier to meet like-minded people, who share your interests and loves than with TimeShare. Here are some of the features the app gives you – 

Easy menus to log in, add details about what you’re doing by selecting:
Your location
When and how long your activity is
Description of the activity
Easy browsing of other individuals involved in same or similar activities
Chatting with people across the world
Uploading pictures 
Seeing what are the most popular activities by clicking on the ‘WorldShare’ tab


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