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 Well, the name says it all. Read the funny text messages which went wrong. In other words, laugh at others' expense. And if you have been in the same boat at some time, share your experience with world. 

- Privacy protection – advanced tools to edit your screen capture before uploading 

- Rate funny and gross text experiences 

- Sort and shuffle 

- Text mode to share stories if you don't have screen capture handy 

- Merge multiple screens in one if the text is longer than one screen 

- Request Removal of entry if you find something objectionable. 

- Social media sharing with individual account management 

- Most beautiful and user friendly interface. 

- Secure. no need to reveal your identity 

- Context sensitive help. 

Texting is an integral part of our lives these days and with smart phones becoming more and more popular, SMS and Messenger Chats have taken over every traditional communication mode.

However, as they say, every story has two sides and with this convenience and ease comes some bummers and embarrassing moments. Let us admit it; every one of us has at some point of his/her life made some disasters by selecting a wrong recipient and thus sending the message to someone else rather than the indented recipient. Or may be sending a wrong message…

And if it was not enough, there came the AUTO CORRECT, and while it’s a smart thing but sometimes it goes one step further and tries to be over-smart. Result is not very pleasant every time.

Well, that is how life is. So to cut a long story short, download Text Disaster now and start sharing and reading stories of text messages (or chat) gone wrong or where that smart auto-correct behaved in oh not so smart manner. 


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