Tap, Buddy. Tap

Tap, Buddy. Tap


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Category: Games
App Type : iPhone


How good is your colour perception?

Tap, Buddy. Tap. is an annoyingly addictive one button colour matching game. Beat the timer in this arcade puzzle that will test your colour perception to its limits.

Average top scores:

- Women: 36
- Men: 30
- Graphic Designers: 56
- Software Developers: 40

How well do you fare?

Tap the tapper box until its colour matches the target box.

When you're happy the colours match, wait for the timer to run out. Don't overtap. Simple.

Don't screw up, buddy.

"I prefer Flappy Bird" - Jason Storey, MindBrain Co-founder

"The best bit about this is the selection of ads" - Pri, MindBrain Co-founder

Developed at mindbrain.toys
Contact: hello@mindbrain.toys


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