SoundWeaver – Free Cloud Music Player

SoundWeaver – Free Cloud Music Player


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Category: Music
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 Tired of switching application to listen to your favorite music? Don’t know which application will get into the groove with cool tunes? That’s why SoundWeaver is here, which is a beautifully designed music player that functions as a compilation of all other music applications like YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes. Tap on the application, select the songs that you want to listen and start your moonwalk towards paradise. 

# Merging all your songs from different applications in a single library. 
# Clubs all your favorite music found on YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes
# Background play of music for YouTube videos. There’s also an added in repeat button to listen for user friendliness. 
# All Youtube videos & SoundCloud music are played by streaming, you don't need to worry about storage. (NOT DOWNLOAD)


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