Slam Dunk Real Basketball- 3D

Slam Dunk Real Basketball- 3D


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 The basketball fans rave after playing slam dunk games online. How about if the fun of online basketball games is brought to the smartphones? It’ll be amazing and adorable. 

3D Basketball slam dunk game app on mobile lets the basketball players choose the basketball and shoot it towards basketball hoop just the way they play in the real basketball court and rack up the baskets.

The street basketball game’s 3D effects, stunning graphics, character behaviors, and excellent animation creates the ambient of real basketball game, which makes the gameplay truly immersive. 

See how you can play the urban basketball game?

The game app lets you play like a king in the street ball court, as you have to touch the screen, and then decide the right angle and power to release the basketball shoot. Based on your good basketball shots, the ball would pass through the basket and score will continuously get lift up on the scoreboard. 

The one of the top basketball game can be played in three modes:

Arcade Mode: In the arcade basketball game, the fixed number of balls are given to the player that player will touch and drag towards the basket in the netball court to score a goal. The game is finished when all the balls are used up by the basketball shooter. Besides, the players are rewarded with a bonus to motivate them to continue the gameplay such as:

- For one clear goal, a ball is given
- For three goals in a row, big basket is offered
- For five goals in a row after the certain level, the aim gets extended
- For floor bounced goal and high altitude goal, the points get increased

Time Mode: In the slam dunk basketball game, the player can make a certain number of goals within the stipulated time. As the time is out, the game ends. Also, the bonuses will make the gameplay addictive that are:

- The one goal extends the gameplay time
- Three clear goals in a row offers a Big basket
- 5 goals in a row extend the aim
- High altitude goal and floor bounced goal improve the score and bonus points

Distance Mode: The player has to throw the ball towards the basket from a certain distance and after every goal, the distance will increase. The goal from the incremental distances improves the score and bonuses.

- The goal from +1 m distance, make the simple goal
- The goal from +2 m distance will be declared as either clear goal, floor bounced goal or high altitude goal
- The goal from +4 m distance will be a clear goal and floor bounced or high altitude goal

Now, it’s the turn of taking a quick look at the main features:

- Include 3 game modes to play
- The amazing 3D graphics keep the gameplay intuitive
- Completely free to download with no in-app purchases
- Bonus points inspire the players to play more 
- The scoreboard to display the points earned
- High score helps in unlocking different balls and crossing some challenges
- The higher levels in all the modes becomes challenging 
- The basketball shooting game involves physics logic

Wow! It’s impressive to get so many features in a Slam Dunk Basketball 3D Game. Get ready to play in the streetball court with your smartphone.


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