Segbay Auction Bid Sniper for eBay

Segbay Auction Bid Sniper for eBay


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Looking for items on eBay? No time for daily browsing? Segbay; A complete management software for eBay auctions. Save your searches on our web service. Bid-Snipe, Buy, Watch and get notified via our Segbay APP and emails.

•WIN MORE AUCTIONS, FIND NEW ITEMS FASTER Automate & Save Searches on our server
•Get immediate alerts when new items are listed
•Get alerts when sellers list new items

About Segbay

Segbay automates your eBay searches, Alerts you when new items are listed within your search parameters and desired purchase price. Gives you full Mobility to Buy, Bid, Snipe, Watch eBay items using our mobile devices APP.

Segbay provides you best buy it now alerts for eBay

Segbay Software tools and APP is the best solution for the eBay savvy users. It is the easiest way to shop eBay. As much as eBay is fun to browse, there are times that you really want to buy a specific item within a specific price range but you do not have the time for daily browsing. Using Segbay tools will save you the searching time, thus, let us do the searching for you. Once your search is saved on our platforms, you will get an email notification or an APP notification (APP Download is needed), of new items JUST LISTED, and within your search parameters.

As more items are listed on eBay with a Buy it Now option only, you must be the first to know when a new item is listed an purchase it. Segbay tools are the solution. To eliminate bid wars on Auction listings, Segbay Sniper Tool is available, place your best bid amount, our sniper will place your bid few seconds before bid closing time. Sellers on eBay have scores and feedback. Sellers with higher score are more trusted, with Segbay, you can eliminate sellers with a low score from your search and only get informed when items of high scored sellers are available.


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