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 Are you tired of playing those boring word games that are similar to each other and doing the crosswords in the newspapers? Scrabble Kingdom is a new generation of word games with improved graphics and amusing gameplay. Not only will you be able to have fun but also you’ll enrich your vocabulary. It is suitable for kids and anyone who wants to master the language. Is it hard to believe? Then check our features: 

• THE GAME IS INTENDED FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Only a game with your family or friends can compete with ours. Have a try and find out which of you can catch more cats. 
• BIG FIELD. In conventional Scrabble one is getting bored by the end of the game because there is no place to insert words. Our board consists of 33x33 squares, which means 1089 letters!
• INTELLECTUAL ASSISTANT. You are not you when you are hungry? Not a problem! Our assistant will select the best word with the set number of letters!
• KITTENS! Now this is not just a word game. The life of the kingdom is in your hands! Funny cats will help and interfere with your game. Will you be able to collect all the 101?
• NO ADDS! We are against in-game advertising, but we have got so many cats at home! And they all want to eat. Therefore we sell the game at a token price.


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