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Rocket Tiger


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Take flight with a fully customizable rocket! Tommy the tiger is on a hunt to find the lost 7 tiger balls.  In this fun game, you will find mini games to help youwith your journey. You can upgrade your gear to better your chances to go the futhers in distants.  The leaderboard allows you to keep track of your score and your friends.  

This game has 88 fun and challenging levels. Your goal in the main game is to complete each mission by flying as far as possible and destroying all the obstacles you encounter. To do this you may need to upgrade your equipment to complete each task. 

As the game progresses on you will encounter Tiger Balls. Collect all 7 and see what happens! 

Your task in the mini-games is to achieve the highest scores. Compete with your friends and see who has the best score. 

BONUS: Accrue points for prizes each time you play, and exchange your points for rewards in our Rewards Center! 

Designed for iPhone 5, optimized for iOS 7


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