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Reach for the Skies is a mobile educational game, which combines great entertainment, fast action and an interesting educational elements based on over 2,000 questions. The player's task is to fly over lands using vehicles, avoid the encountered obstacles, collect coins and answer the questions correctly from one of the selected educational fields: geography, nature and health, and math. Every correct answer provides the right amount of fuel that allows passing to the next levels of the game. Each of the lands in the game consists of 20 missions and the means of transport are very different for each level of difficulty. The player can personalize the quiz by uploading questions and achieve additional bonuses for a certain number of correct answers in a row or for flying a certain number of kilometers. The results of the game can be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter and through the iOS Game Center or Google Play Games. The game Reach for the Skies can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store in for free. Additional educational question packages cost $1.99 for each topic (all difficulty levels are included in price). For more information about the studio, visit 

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