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Time to enjoy your Twitter experience in an exciting new way with the Random Tweets app. We know you love Twitter, hence to make your twitter experience seamless, we are bringing together the best collection of random & trending tweets to keep you updated of what people across the world are tweeting about.

With Random Tweets app, you get funny, weird and interesting tweets. The app has a very simple navigation and you can access all app features with absolute ease. To browse through the random tweets, you can just scroll up for more fun. While reading funny tweets, you can not only have fun for yourself but also share these tweets with your friends directly from the app. 

- Select between random and trending stream
- Get new tweets immediately by scrolling
- Set time intervals for incoming tweets
- Share your favourite tweet with friends to laugh together

These features are free to use. So, what are you waiting for? Download this amazing app now to know what the world is tweeting right now.



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