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Quote Daily!


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Category: Productivity
App Type : iPhone


Introducing the best inspiration app to guarantee motivation throughout your day. 

We like to ensure that everyone has a bit of purpose to peruse their occupation as best as possible. Having a quote everyday could help you can go through the day with meaning. We present to you, Quote Daily.

This app will make sure you have a quote for any subject or field you choose, instead of a random quote that you can't understand and does not pertain to your taste. We constantly update this app so new categories are added for those who do not see their favorite activity.

Gather insight from famous celebrities and legends such as:

*Julia Child*
*John Green*
*Jay Z*
*Dr. Suess*
*Michael Jordan*
*J.K Rowling*
*Rick Riordan*
*Albert Einstein*
*Jasmine Star*
*Louis Horst*
and many more...

•This app includes a dynamic background that changes in the middle of the day, so that it is time-setting friendly.

•Social platforms are a key to sharing your motivation with everyone else, so there are a few options for you to share with your friends. (Twitter, Facebook, Email)

Best when used with Iphone 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, and 5SE.

Compatible with Iphone 4s.


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