PokéLogs - Record Keeping for GO Players

PokéLogs - Record Keeping for GO Players


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 Feel the need to augment your Pokémon GO adventures to day-to-day social realities?

Well, look no further!

PokéLogs will fulfill that need:

-For each PokéLog generated, submit a report about the same Pokémon you found OR a different Pokémon found in the same area

-Use the 'Votes' feature to rank the likability or utility of a report in a given log; submit a 'Remark' to inquire about the details of a report

-For each report, press the blue icon to use AirDrop for sharing snapshots of Pokémon to nearby users (their AirDrop must be enabled too); otherwise, share them via your current list of installed applications

-Swipe left on your own post / report to share the content to Facebook or Twitter

-To join a log, look for the magnifying glass icon at the bottom toolbar; next, search for a PokéLog by log title and author

Other features include the following (tap the gear icon):

-Create geolocation / geofencing rules to notify players of your findings on a global map (within a 100 meter radius)

-Order an Uber ride to catch Pokémon on the way to your final destination!

Bonus: includes an AR feature (flip the switch!) for users to get out and explore possible hangouts for rare Pokémon.

As a special feature, users can navigate seamlessly from PokéLogs to the Pokémon GO app. Here's how it works:

-Look for the gear icon at the bottom toolbar, and, on the Toolbox screen, tap the GO icon to instantly navigate to the Pokémon GO app via the Safari Web browser

-While encountering a Pokémon, take a quick snapshot of the target with your Camera

-Then, use Safari navigation to return back to the PokéLogs app

-On the dashboard, look for the New Log button; from there, generate a New Log with a title, description, and recent snapshot from Pokémon GO (optionally, you can add a cool filter)

-Finally, upload and share your generated PokéLog to the rest of the world!

-To remove yourself from an existing PokéLog, just press the 'X' button on the respective log

For any questions or concerns, send a quick email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

P.S. To leverage the complete value of our app, we highly suggest users install Pokémon GO prior to using PokéLogs.


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