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Pocket Troops is a humor-filled tactical war​ game with unique family-friendly experience where no trooper dies in battle. Step into the role of Commander as you recruit, train and equip your ideal army to enter into highly anticipated bite-sized battles.


Quick facts about the game:

+ Humor-filled tactical war​ ​game with indirect control of troops.

+ Family-friendly experience where no trooper dies in battle.

+ PvP challenges and narrative-driven PvE missions with cinematic cut scenes.

+ In soft launch for CIS, Canada, Australia, New Zealand since January 2015

+ Current installs: 1,5 millions


+ Average rating: 4.5/100K reviews

In Pocket Troops, players will take on the role of Commander as they recruit, strategize, and train their army to enter into highly anticipated bite-sized battles. Commanders will need to think strategically as they choose their ideal army equipped with the best set of skills and train them to be prepared for anything. They’ll be able to scope out the competition before each battle, customizing their tactics and picking out the strongest combination of weapons and skills to provide the best chances at victory.


Created with cartoonishly crafted graphics, Pocket Troops culminates in an intense battle game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The game was inspired by our idea to make an uplifting and humor-ridden war game invoking a feeling of familiarity: utilizing musical instruments often not found in war games, casual graphics, witty one-liners and tough stylish characters. Pocket Troops is felt aesthetically familiar yet creates a unique experience for players, while redefining what the war game genre means.


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