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Keep your bank balance in your pocket wherever you go: Pocket Money stops you trying to spend more than have left! 

With Pocket Money, it’s easy to manage your money. You can add to your bank balance, record what you spend and even take photos of the things you buy to create a fun timeline of what’s happening with your money! You’ll never need to ring up your bank or visit the cash machine to check your balance again.

Have you ever tried to withdraw money or buy something with your card, only to find that you’ve run out of money? With Pocket Money, you will never need to worry again – your bank balance is always in your pocket.

No more embarrassing ‘bank card declined’ at the shop.

No more trips to the cash machine only to find that you’ve run out of money.

Pocket Money is very simple but very useful. Here’s what it lets you do:

Add Money: When money goes into your bank, simply enter the amount into Pocket Money

Spend Money: Whenever you withdraw cash or spend on your card, simply add the transaction

Check Balance: Pocket Money keeps your up-to-date bank balance in your pocket – just pull your phone out and check!

‘Snap’ Your Spending: Take a photo every time you spend or withdraw to build an awesome illustrated timeline of your spending

It doesn’t matter if you’re 12 years old or 120 years old – if you want to track your spending, stay in control and make life easier, Pocket Money is perfect for you.

Psst. Has your teenager just opened their first bank account? Here’s a useful tip: Pocket Money is great for promoting responsibility with money, and is a fun way to demonstrate the importance of tracking what you spend.


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