PlaceMate: Find Nearby Food, Drink Delivery & Takeout

PlaceMate: Find Nearby Food, Drink Delivery & Takeout


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Category: Food & Drink
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App Description

For the social butterfly who loves to explore your neighborhood, PlaceMate is a virtual friend who understands your needs and fulfils them! Key in the time, the place and the food you’d like to sample – PlaceMate will find for you the perfect place to hang out!

An app that is a must for all foodies and café lovers, here are some of the characteristic features PlaceMate has to offer its users –
# Ability to compare menus.
# Access to reviews from both Foursquare and Yelp.
# Ability to book reservations at the restaurants of your choice.
# Customized search parameters for whatever mood you are in currently.
# Ability to share the location with your friends and invite them to hang out.
# Access to a list of places that are sorted out according to your preferences.

You can now go exploring from the safety of your own home at the simple touch of your finger! With PlaceMate, you can now search for nearby to hang out that is customized to your preferences. 

The user interface is fun and funky and easy to use; just fill in the sentence “It’s (time), I want (food of your choice), that’s (your preference), somewhere in (location).” The search parameters allow you to look for places as per your mood – be it a casual coffee and cupcake or proper Italian cuisine; you can find them all!


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