Piikt Now Available for Free on iOS

Piikt Now Available for Free on iOS


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Category: Social Networking
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Piikt was designed with the need to quickly share information and get feedback from others with little effort in a fun user friendly way.

With Piikt a user can either upload, or take up to two images, add captions, and share the post with their selected audience. In the feed, Piikt users can vote simply by swiping right for yes, and left for no.    

Unlike other photo sharing apps, Piikt users can target their audience by sending a post to a single individual using the private option, or by creating groups of specific followers if they do not wish to make their post public.

Each post with Piikt has a shelf life anywhere from one to twenty-four hours, after which the post expires. However the results of the poll can always be reviewed in each profile under "Expired Piiks."

Thanks to the Discover tab, users can find the top trending “Piiks” that have been made public and tagged with one of the categories provided.

Piikt also has other unique features like the “Secret Message” that lets the user write a secret text that appears over their image when it is held for a few seconds, and disappears when you take your finger away.

Watch a quick video to see all the exciting features Piikt has to offer: http://youtu.be/LNzRhs3R_Ig

Piikt is available exclusively for free download on the Apple Store. However the focus of the company is to also get on the Android Market as well in the near future.

Download the App Today Directly from: http://piikt.com/download


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