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Category: Productivity
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 Notescroll is a fast and easy to use note-taking app syncing with Dropbox and Box. It has clean and simplistic interface that brings the way you browsing all your notes exactly like iBook, even containing table of contents and page numbers.


Notescroll is a quickly launch app without any waiting. You can start typing as soon as you launch the app and tap "+" icon. Your note will be autosaved while typing. As your collection of notes grows, you can still read and edit them very easily and rapidly. Since Notescroll keeps them organized like a book, you can quickly swipe through your notes like pages in a book or use the auto-refreshed table of content to access to specific note instantly and precisely. 


With a single tap to the part you need to revise while viewing, you enter the edit mode with that part staying the same place waiting for your revision. This makes editing long notes a smooth and efficient experience in Notescroll, you never lost focus on the part you are interested and do not waste any second for relocating articles after navigations.


Syncing to Dropbox or Box is extremely reliable in Notescroll, because we use special technique to prevent data loss. You'll never need to worry about losing your important meeting memos or creative ideas while syncing. Simply swiping up the page while viewing your notes, you get the syncing panel telling you when is the latest sync, just tap the sync icon and you're done!



- fast and responsive, easy to write, read, and edit notes

- clean and simplistic interface, distraction-free writing experience

- read your notes conveniently like a book.

- fluent navigation between table of contents and notes.

- enhanced caret in Editing, drag the blue dot below the caret to move caret anywhere precisely and efficiently.

- sync your notes reliably via Dropbox and Box, use special technique to prevent data loss during syncing.

- share your note to twitter, facebook, email, sms, print, etc.

- save the notes as .txt files, conveniently access and store your files in various ways.


We're working hard to add more features in upcoming releases. Please feel free to contact us at if you need any other features, questions and comments are also very welcome.


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