NO.TIfy.ME For ALL Daily Tasks Manager Todo List & Reminders

NO.TIfy.ME For ALL Daily Tasks Manager Todo List & Reminders


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Category: Productivity
App Type : Universal


NO.TIfy.ME is designed for those people who are looking a full-featured app to manage daily planning life better. It is a super simple 2do list, reminder and task manager application that helps you to get usual stuff on right time. 

NO.TIfy.ME is very intuitive and ergonomic design that coming out for everybody.

It helps you to create tasks, notes, notebook, checklist and use to get notified just in time for repeating activities. You will never miss any event from your life so we collaborate events, plan, schedule and notes in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps.

Key Features of NO.TIfy.ME:

* Add, create todoist and schedule your tasks from iPhone or iPad
* Assign your alert by planner for your comfort in app use
* Easy to add a new task even while driving the car (not recommended)
* Set due dates and reminders to never forget or miss important plan of your life
* Snooze an alert for one hour or one day in inappropriate moments


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