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My iSlam Book


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 Do you remember the day when we used to get our slam book filled by our friends? It gives such a great feeling when we read those slams after couple of months or years. What if you can carry your Slam Book in your pocket? You can get it filled anywhere, anytime and you will not have to worry about preserve the physical slam book for long time. This Slam Book iOS app can be your best companion that will help you to collect the sweet memories of your friends, family and loved one.
Few reasons why you should download this Slam Book Application:
Digital Slams
It provides flexibility to carry your Slam Book in your pocket and can be viewed or filled whenever you want.
Secure Access
Your Slam Book is protected by Pass Lock and is only visible to you. You or your friend’s personal information is secured with pass lock and cannot be accessed by anyone until you provide them your pass key.
Amazing Features
Slam book application offers unique and exciting features such as
• Index to enlist the number of slams with beautiful profile picture. 
• You can set birthday reminders of your friends directly from their slams
• Individual Slams with all possible details that can be filled by your friends and will be preserved as PDF file that can be edited in the future. You can email this Slam to your friend through email.
• It has Slam search facility to quickly find the Slam of your friends.
What are you waiting for? Just download this revolutionary Slam book mobile application and start collecting beautiful memories of your friends.


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