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My Food Storage is an iOS app to help people avoid wasting food as well as know what food to purchase. It keeps track of your food, provides reports about food that is spoiling soon, food that already expired, as well as food you are running low on. This helps anyone keep track of their food, avoiding waste and making sure you have enough of your favorite foods on hand.


Never have food go bad just because you forgot it was in the fridge. Never get to the store and strain trying to remember if you have enough buns for the BBQ tonight. My Food Storage takes care of this for you. Once you enter your food into the app, using the easy to use barcode scanner or text input, the app reminds you when food is going bad soon. It will send you a notification telling you what foods you are low on. As you put food into the app, you tell it when it expires and how much of it you want to keep on hand. Pull up the reports anytime to see a list of food expiring soon, food you are low on, or food that has expired before being used. Take the guessing out of buying food at the store, know how much you have. Make life simpler with My Food Storage.


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