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MooseReader 2.0


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MooseReader 2.0: Gets your news feeds straight away, comforts you with undistracted reading.

Tired sliding through overwhelming Feedly content? Angry with illogical amateur apps design? Unexpected crash and no reasonable support - again? Try this one.

MooseReader is a minimalistic but very functional news reader. It is the only one iPad/iPhone application on the market which uses tags as a flexible way to sort and select the news.

Very easy to navigate and supported by a powerful search works fast and allows the users to find the news they need even with extensive feeds upload. Lean layout may seem a bit too rough for some users, but this is what the developer is about: “focusing on reading completely, without any distraction whatsoever”. Another great feature is a possibility to save articles indefinitely by starring them. There is also no tags amount limit, which does not make the app even a bit more difficult to navigate. It supports both English and Spanish to suit users’ expectations.

It is absolutely worth the price $1.99 which, considering its target group: mostly business management and its great value for advanced readers could be set a dollar higher. The simple 1.1 MooseReader version is available on the market and compatible with iOS 6.0 only. So I do advice to wait for the very special MooseReader 2.0 expected in AppStore in January 2015. Beta testers, after suggesting a few layout changes which resulted in creating a more intuitive access to tags and feeds management – confirmed satisfaction.

A thorough app description can be found on a developers’ website  A well maintained FAQ section featured by the most important screenshots and short informative texts guide you step by step through all the apps features. A skilled owner rewritten MooseReader 2.0 in Swift – a new Apple programming language. He has also proved to be fast and efficient in providing support to his applications and can be contacted either directly by email or through


Support: Wojtek      

Marketing: Marta      

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