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Mooojo - Free Lotto


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FREE LOTTO - $150,000 JackPot guaranteed – Win every Saturday!

Payout via PayPal starting from $0.10; Ad-sponsored; Real money; Win big – Win small; Teams win extra. 

Mooojo’s FREE LOTTO is always free to play and no in-app sales whatsoever. Winning already starts from 2 of your lucky numbers matching the winning numbers, which are mirrored from the National German Lotto every Saturday. The JackPot of min. $150.000 is guaranteed and you can cash out real money via PayPal starting from $0.10. 

Build a team and for every entry from your team - you get an extra entry on your personal account - Always. Makes +100% more sense for you to grow a strong team.
To win the JackPot select your lucky numbers for free. Choose 6 from 49 and one more lucky number from 10. The wining numbers are referenced to German National Lottery draw.
Invite friends to your mooojo-Team and win an extra of $25,000 for teams only. 

Mooojo Overview 
# Free to play 
# JackPot $150,000 
# TeamWin $25,000 
# Win already from 2 numbers matching
# PayPal and wire cash-out to your account starting from $0.10
# Weekly summary, transparent history, draw statements
# No in-app purchases 



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