Mental Health Intervention

Mental Health Intervention


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 Helps you to overcome addiction, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses

In the stress-filled environment of today, more and more teenagers and adults are succumbing to a number of mental disorders and conditions. Mental Health Intervention (MHI) is an app designed to help you overcome your addiction, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses by giving you access to qualified healthcare professionals. Life Coaches, Mentors, Court Appointed Advocates and Caseworkers and the clients they serve report improved communication and support. The MHI App aims to alert healthcare professionals of a potential crisis, before it’s too late.
Mental Health Intervention is an app that serves both client and provider; it serves as a platform for them to interact online! As long as both you and your healthcare professional have downloaded the app and have signed up, you will both be able to keep track of your daily mental health in between actual appointments and meetings. Here are some of the features you can expect from the app –

# A Mood Chart to identify and choose what you are feeling currently.
# A Virtual Journal where you can type out or speak why your mood is what it is.
# The ability to send these details and data to your healthcare professional through the ‘Send’ option.
# More in app purchases to augment your daily mental health.
# Discuss other health concerns as to why you feeling unhealthy.


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