Memory with Ibbleobble

Memory with Ibbleobble


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 Challenge your brain skills with Ibbleobble's new memory game! This twist on the classic 80's 'Pocket Simon' game will train your memory and reaction skills.  

It's unbelievably simple and easy-to-use. It's made up of 4 contrasting coloured horizontal blocks which illuminate and play a sequence. In order to challenge your powers of recall, you must reproduce the sequences in the correct order, but beware, the sequence will get harder each time! 

Challenge yourself with four levels of speed: Easy, Medium, Hard and ‘Bonkers’. How fast can you go?

• Simple to understand game play 
• Fully Integrated into Game Centre 
• Pick up achievements along the way
• Unlimited combinations
• Four levels of difficulty
• Fantastic sounds
• Outstanding, vibrant graphics
• No third-party advertising
• 100% ALWAYS ad free

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