Memory Flash Neon

Memory Flash Neon


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**FREE for a limited time!** 
Take a trip down memory lane with this awesome recreation of an old classic! 

##WARNING## Highly Addictive! 

How to Play: Simply watch the colors and listen to the sounds and repeat the pattern. Try to last as long as you can! How long can you last? 

Great way to keep your memory sharp and boost your creative brain function! Perfect for some quick fun while on the go, great way to get over writer's block or just improve overall hand-eye coordination! Memory Flash is fun for the whole family! 

Beautiful graphics and sounds 
Tons of different themes to choose from 
Regular mode, Speed mode, Kid's mode and EXPERT mode! 
Freestyle mode (great for just jamming away and having some fun!) 
Facebook and Twitter for sending challenges to friends 
Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod 
Game Center and Multiplayer Support 

GREAT THEMES! Choose from: 
Wood Grain 
Kids (Slow) 

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Disclaimer: Memory Flash is no way endorsed by the big games companies. Memory Flash is simply the product of a creative Independent Developer who loves to make great games! For entertainment purposes. 


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David Viera