Memorize Me

Memorize Me


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This is challenging memory game. Player will have to memorize shown images and then search in group of images or setting them back in correct order. Player not only can enjoy this game but also can improve their memory power and skills. There are 6 image categories to play. Player can play game in below 4 ways:- 1. Remember Me:- Remembering Images and then searching those images in group of images. 2. Position Me:Remembering Image positions and then Re-Arrange them in correct order. 3. Find Me:-Remembering image positions then guess one by one in hidden images. 4. Pair Me:-Remembering image positions then guess pairs one by one in hidden images. Image Categories:- 1. Alphabets. 2. Balls. 3. Animals. 4. Christmas. 5. Flags. 6. Playing Cards Main Features:- * Four unique challenging games. * 6 Image categories. * Challenge friends through Game Center. * No Ad and In-App purchase


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Shallender Uniyal