Match Up Free - Shape Matching Puzzle Game for Kids and Toddlers

Match Up Free - Shape Matching Puzzle Game for Kids and Toddlers


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 Match up - the collection of learning puzzle games for toddler, that helps develop visual perception skills, cognitive skills such as categorization, and with parental assistance can also develop language skills, for example, by naming the objects.

The simple drag & drop mechanism also helps to train the fine motor skills of your kid. 

There are many different themes:
* Animals that living with or near the people, like cow, dog, cat etc.
* Sea inhabitants, like fish, dolphin, lobster etc.
* Insects, like ant, grasshopper, dragonfly etc.
* Numbers.
* Inhabitants of the lake.
* Animals that can be met at Zoo.
* Fruits and groceries.
* Creativity set, like pencils, paints, felt-tip pen etc.

Match up animals is designed with love and care for children education.

Start playing now and match all home animals, sea inhabitants, insects living around us and a lot of other cute creatures with the identical object in the middle of the game. 

HOW TO PLAY: Each game board features a central silhouette of one of the images surrounded by 8 nicely illustrated related images. One of the surrounding images matches the central silhouette. The goal of the game is to find the matching image out of the surrounding images and drag it to the center to overlap the central silhouette.
Let your child to just drag the matching objects into the middle and see how much fun it is! 

* Develop visual perception skills.
* Develop cognitive skills.
* Fine motor skills.
* Improve spatial awareness.

This game is a part of series of educational children games for kids that consist of applications aimed at the development of sensory-motor intelligence , speech, visual- active thinking, concentration, perception, attention.

This educational game is based on the researches of the Center Preschool child development and education. The system covers all the main aspects of the child's mental development and is designed for different age group to develop specific children abilities. 
We hope that our games will become the good assistant in your child education, help methodically correctly and harmoniously develop the essential skills and abilities and prepare the child for school, and at the same time the education will be great for you and your child.


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