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I am a mother of a one year old daughter and it’s been my dream to create fun and educational apps for my kids.

I joined a company which makes free and fun entertainment/ educational activities for kids. We just finished the app called Luke & Mary. Luke & Mary focuses on parent child bonding through interactive bedtime rhymes, stories and activities. Please see below the description for our app.


"Luke & Mary" is the perfect App to bond with your toddler through fun, creative story tales and activities. When used before bedtime, it helps parents to establish a smooth and successful go-to-sleep routine for your kids (ages 1 to 4). "Luke & Mary" App is constantly growing with monthly updates and is always 100% Free.


Who are Luke & Mary? Luke & Mary are two adventurous siblings who love to read stories featuring their favorite characters: Red Riding Hood, The Ugly Duckling, The 3 little pigs, The Frog Prince... As most kids, Luke & Mary love a happy ending, but sometimes the characters in a story face big problems that they don't know how to solve by themselves. What do they do? With the help of your toddler and you, Luke & Mary will use their huge imagination to travel within the story and find a solution (through a fun mini activity) that will help the characters reach a happily ever after ending.


Luke & Mary features 3 ever expanding main sections:

- The Bookshelf: Original rhymes and storytales inspired on traditional characters that include an interactive activity within the story.

- The Playground: Mini activities that combine entertainment and education, with levels adapted to the different development stages of your toddler. Activities include: coloring, counting, memory games, puzzles, hand-eye coordination, word and number recognition...

- The Photo Studio: Photo Studio will be activated in the next update as a sharing function for the audience after they’ve read the stories.


I’d really love to know what you think about the app as this is the first app we’ve made!


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