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 Live In Japan delivers the whole experience of a concert directly into your pocket. Choose your venue, choose the seating, choose the crowd size and listen to the music as if you were in the venue, along with a big crowd cheering at the top of their lungs.

Live In Japan uses the actual audio image (Impulse Response) of Japanese live venues and recreates the sound just like you would get if you were there. The sound of each venue has been fine-tuned and mastered by a team of professional sound designers, a team that has been responsible for sound systems and audio design at major events and for tours of top artists in Japan.

Relive mythical concerts at famous venues or create your own outlandish combinations! Have fun and rediscover your music library in a new light.

Key features

• Choose from famous Japanese venues to experience your music as if it was played live there.
• Relive the full experience of a live show – choose your seat and enjoy the music with the rest of the audience
• You can tweak the size of the audience from a small group to a whole crowd!
• You can access all your iTunes music and Playlists. You can make your own playlists as well to re-create your own setlists for your favorite concerts

Live In Japan is powered by the Mytrax Sound Processing Solution.


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