LangLand - Meetup, match, chat with global friends

LangLand - Meetup, match, chat with global friends


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 Are you a lover of languages? Can you speak more than one language? Are you someone who loves to share with the world your particular thoughts and ideas? Are you finding for yourself a buddy? Would you like to connect with someone native to a foreign country and has a cross-cultural experience? Here is an app that offers you all that and more - Langland!

Check out the key features of our app —

# Write your thoughts on topics you are passionate about and then price and sell them at your own discretion 

# Get an answer to your questions instantly and then make a reward offer 

# Build your networkon a global platform - make new friends who live on the other side of the world!

Just download Langland to get all that and more! You can speak to someone from South Korea or Japan, or find someone on the European Continent. The world is your limit - you can now be a social butterfly on a global platform!

And it isn't just about making friends - Langland allows you to make money too. As long as you have good communication skills, you will be able to write and record your ideas to promote your topics that you are confident about for a price of your own choosing! We offer a number of tools to make your job easy as you tell your story - you can put up a picture with an audio clip, record an instant audio clip or put up mini videos or texts.

You may offer a reward to get instant reply from others. In this way, Langland helps to turn everyone's strength and specialty into others' value.

And if you want to practice a second language with a native speaker, then you can do that too! Just download the app and then connect with native speakers across the world that would be willing to train you with voice call and the like! You don't have to travel to a foreign country or even sign up at classes; you can sit at home and become a fluent native speaker yourself. And the reverse also applies - you could also act as a freelancer and train someone else for a price.

Ultimately, Langland offers you a platform to connect and meet new people on an international scale, during which you get the cross-cultural experiences and maximize your values to the world. Join our Langland community and discover new strengths, new interests and new people! 


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