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 Good afternoon Santa Apps,

My name is Mara, and I am the Media Coordinator for Itemtopia. We would like to inquire about getting a review on your site for our new app, Itemtopia. 


Having been part of the Internet of Things since before it was called that, a group of entrepreneurs who have built and deployed Item Tracking applications for some of the world's largest corporations have taken their knowledge and created Itemtopia - item tracking for consumers. 


In short, Itemtopia is the best way to keep your things organized and simplify your life. We put all of the things you own, manage or care about in one place, creating a knowledge bank at your fingertips.


Itemtopia allows you to:

  • Create a profile of yourself and attach any of your items, products, or services (e.g. your car, pet, insurance, collectibles and appliances)

  • Attach information such as notes, receipts, service records, images, warranties, videos and contact information to each of your items

  • Choose to make your items public (receipts, warranties, and purchase information is always private)

  • Share, learn and collaborate using the Discover tab to find items of interest

  • Follow an item to receive real-time updates on your newsfeed

  • Never lose your information, and access it on any device whenever you need it – the beauty of the cloud!

  • Directly share what you’ve learned to forums, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or anywhere


Itemtopia is a free app (with no ads) that is available at the:


Attached is a video of Itemtopia in action, where you can view many of the App’s features:



Lastly, we have included a few screenshots as well as our logo, which can be found in the link below:



Please feel free to contact us about any questions you may have; we would love to hear from you. My contact details follow.


Thank you in advance, 


Media Coordinator


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Mara Habash

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