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The mobile app helps out entrepreneurs and sales people, a group that regularly spends hundreds of dollars to access business profiles and credit reports. They can now download the new (and free) Infofree app to get unlimited access to 14 million business profiles and credit reports.

The Infofree app will help small businesses and sales people increase their sales by giving them in-depth analyses of their target clients.  Users can research and qualify their sales leads before they call.  People who download the app can search for businesses nationwide in order to understand their prospects inside and out before speaking to them.  Businesses can be searched using company name, contact name, address, phone number, city, or state.  The company profiles include information such as the type of business, number of employees, annual revenue, and years in business. 

App users can:

  • Contact key executives with one click
  • View business credit reports
  • See information on the company’s expenses
  • View area competitors
  • Receive turn-by-turn navigation to a business’ address. 

Infofree (Free) is available in the App Store or on Google Play. You can learn more about our company at For a free trial, go to 


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