Hunger Race: A Peculiar Endless Runner

Hunger Race: A Peculiar Endless Runner


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 This game is a peculiar endless runner because it doesn't have any obstacles or enemies, instead you have to master the timing of the game in order to make progress!

On Hunger Race you have to tap the screen to make your dragon fly but every tap has an energetic cost so the more you tap the more your dragon needs to eat to regain energy. This means that every tap makes your dragon slow down and every apple he eats make him speed up. If your dragon gets too slow it will exit the screen and the player loses the game. To keep the speed high the player needs to capture the most apples he can while taping the screen only when strictly necessary. You can also use special boosts in order to save a few taps. For example, if you use the "Weaker Gravity" boost the gravity will be halved so each tap will make the dragon fly higher and further so you won't need to tap the screen as often.
The goal is to travel the maximum distance possible. The game is hard in the beginning but it's super addictive.

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Joao Abrantes

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