Home Fitness - Bodyweight Training Challenge

Home Fitness - Bodyweight Training Challenge


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 Home Fitness is a IOS fitness app that consist of Bodyweight training exercises which is commonly known as “Calisthenics” or sometimes called “CalAesthetics” training. Home Fitness bodyweight exercises requires absolutely no equipment and shows results fast due to the fact that multiple muscles and joints are involved in every movement, your core made up of almost thirty muscles will be strengthened increasing your performance and strength throughout your entire body.

Some Home Fitness Features:

• Easy to use user interface
• Free New Recruit Workout to get you started
• Three workout levels to choose from
• Check your progress workout times, average intensity and completed workouts
• View awards received for workout partially or fully completed
• Show off your awards to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text
• Take selfies and compare workout results over time
• View and practice the individual exercises from the exercise database


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James White

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