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 Guess What I See (GWIS) is the coolest picture guessing game for iPhone & iPad you ever played!

Based on ‘I Spy with My Little Eye’, it combines guessing, chatting and cool high quality photos to a unique game experience!

The game principle: Select a detail you see on a picture and send it off to your opponent to guess.

The selected detail will also be the available "hint" your opponent can use while guessing.

After your opponent has given it a try it is your turn to guess what your opponent sees on a picture he chooses, as quickly as possible. Sounds easy?'s not that easy if you take a really detailed HD picture and use the zoom function to pick your spot!

A game is played over 2 rounds, during which a player and his opponent will earn points. The winner is the quickest guesser!


Guess What I See can be played with all kinds of cool pictures. Every player can:

- choose one out of hundreds of high quality pictures from the GWIS database OR

- make a beautiful, crazy, funny picture with your iPhone or iPad OR

- take an existing picture from his camera roll!

Guess What I See can be played in single player mode, against friends, random opponents or even as group challenge.

The built-in chat function allows players to discuss, argue or laugh about the pictures they are sending eachother during the game!

Want to give your opponent a hard time guessing? Then send him a picture with lots of details in it.

But choose your pictures wisely, or your opponent will strike back by sending you the most difficult picture he can get his hands on.

 Guess What I See is available for iPhone & iPad in the Appstore.



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